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Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Official!

Siren has put Stolen Destiny on its release calendar for June 29. It will join Vampire Dreams that month, which I plan to release on June 10, so it's going to be a busy month.   In addition, I'll be interviewed at Felicity Heaton's blog on June 22 and giving a character interview with my hero from Stolen Destiny, Varek, at Rochelle Weber's blog on June 26. 

Also, I'll be guest blogging on July 1 at Lindsay Below's blog and giving another character interview at Karenna Colcroft's blog with Brandon and Arden from Vampire Dreams on July 5. 

I'm also looking into a blog tour for at least one of the books, so that may be in the works soon.  I plan to create a page in the near future that will list where everywhere I'm appearing, but for now, I'm just excited to finally have a date pinned down. 

Finally, I'm going to be requesting reviews from a number of bloggers (I have some lined up already, but I'll be looking for more) for both books, so if you're interested in one or both, email me at

Here are the blurbs for both to give you a taste:

Stolen Destiny:  Released from Nil to find a murderer, a prison-hardened Varek Leale is convinced no woman deserves the man he’s become, but his Aeveren destiny makes him succumb to sweet and sexy Callia Reynolds.  To catch the murderer, they turn to Amon Kalins, an ancient Aeveren with the power to control time. But Amon isn’t a man to trifle with and when he wants something, he’ll use his considerable powers, devastating charm, and good looks to get it. 

What Amon wants is Callia. When he manipulates time and seduces Callia away, Varek must turn to the people who set him free for help to get her back.  But the Council doesn’t do anything without requiring something in return, and what they want is Amon Kalins, one of the most powerful Aeveren ever.  Varek will do what he must to capture him and find Callia because if he doesn’t, she’ll be lost to him for untold lifetimes.  (Stolen Destiny is a full length novel.)

Vampire Dreams:  Homeless and without any family, Arden Stephens must live on the streets of mid 19th century London, never a safe place for a young woman.  One night, as she is running for her life from an attacker, she is rescued by Brandon Ridley and offered a place in his home as his maid.  Brandon is enchanted by Arden from the moment they meet, but just as she has secrets, so too does he.  A vampire hundreds of years old, he yearns for the companionship she can give him.  But for that he must make her one of his kind.

Nightly, he visits her in her sleep, preparing her for the night he will finally make her his own.  For Arden, the wanton dreams she has about her handsome employer seduce her and each day when she wakes up, she finds herself more drawn to him.  But love and desire aren't enough for Brandon to sire her.  He must first obtain the approval of his maker, an ancient vampire named Vasilije who has thwarted his chance for happiness before.

But if Brandon can convince him, he may finally find the love he's been without for centuries. (Vampire Dreams is a novella.)

Have a great weekend! 


Selena said...

You know I'm ready whenever you are to review both. And how about an interview and/or guest post? Let me know. We'll work out the details.

Gabrielle said...

Thanks Selena! You're so wonderful to be so generous. I'm emailing you when I'm done leaving this comment. :)