Gabrielle Bisset

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Each weekend, I devote the vast majority of my time to writing.  This means little else gets done around my house, but that's ok with me and the people I live with, so it works.  I aim for 12-15 pages each weekend (around 3000-3750 words for those of you who think in those terms).  Usually I hit my goal, but this weekend, I had an extra day to write because school was called off due to winter returning with a vengeance, so I got much more done than I expected.

Between Friday night and last night, I finished 39 pages:  11 pages in Broken Destiny and 28 pages in Destiny Renewed.  To say I'm thrilled would be an understatement. 

As someone who hand writes everything first, those 39 pages are filled with self-editing that occurs along the way.  The margins of my pages are filled with ideas and notes about everything from research about a scene to the possibility of moving sections to other parts of the story. 

What this does mean is that I have a mountain of typing ahead of me as I only have the first 5 or so chapters typed in each story and I'm up to the late teens in both.  That brings a sense of dread to my creativity, though.  I love to imagine stories, and I love to write them.  Researching them is enjoyable too.  But typing is not.  Whereas when I write the story, I'm sitting comfortably somewhere (usually my bedroom) and there's music playing, when I'm typing I end up all hunched over and bleary eyed. 

I had someone once ask me what I would do if I ever became famous and my answer was immediate:  hire someone to type my work.  But on this wonderful, sunny day in February, I won't think any more about the drudgery of typing.  I'll just continue to enjoy my progress and the ideas I have percolating in my mind for when I get back to the written page (hopefully in a day or so).



E Kelly said...

Fellow contemporary romance writer here. It's nice to hear someone else describe their process (which is nothing like mine). I always say it takes all kinds. The difference that struck me the most was that you actively write two books at one time. Why is that? I am on book 3 of a 5 part series. And while I have notes on 4 and 5, I do not actively write more than one of the books at a time. I also could not begin to think of writing it all out in long hand. One, I'm a tech geek (VERY comfortable in front of a keyboard) and two, arthritis. Have you published yet? I'd love to check out some of your work.

Unknown said...


Thanks for commenting. Although I commented on your blog, I thought I'd comment here just in case anyone was interested.

Ordinarily, I don't believe I would write two books at the same time, but I'm of the mindset that if the muse is with me, I ride the wind where she takes me. She seems to like the concurrent book idea.

As for the handwriting, it's an old fashioned thing. I find computers cold and stifling to any creativity for me. I prefer to have pen and paper. They bring ideas out of me.

A publisher has offered to publish the first book in the series, so I think a little later this year it could all happen. It's still in the early stages, though. I have excerpts from all three books up in the Stolen Destiny excerpts and WIP excerpts pages.

Shah Wharton said...

Wow - so you might be published end of the year - fingers and toes crossed and well done to you! Wish I could write concurrently - I'm writing the first of a series - I have plans for the next few books but couldn't writing them now - I can't even decide where to go from here: Chapter ten has found me stuck! AARRGH! Shah. Oh I have emailed you! X