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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#WIP Wednesday #amwriting #amediting

I had a feeling today that these WIP Wednesdays come too fast.  My summer is quickly racing away from me. :( 

On the writing front, I've begun Blood Prophecy. Ramiel's story is set in Italy, and the plan now is to have him and Thane in various parts of that beautiful country, including Sicily and Rome. Since they must travel together to find what they need to decipher the prophecy, readers will get a healthy dose of Thane too. 

Thane and Ramiel have been a part of the series since Blood Avenged, and readers will get a great deal more of them in the third book, Blood Spirit. They're quite different from one another, but there's no acrimony between them. (Though they do have that underwear out of the pants thing in common...LOL)


Conflict is where the story's found, so it could happen.

The villain who was introduced in Blood Betrayed is back too.  Because Blood Spirit isn't out yet, readers don't know how important he's become to the series, but Marc Verrater is front and center in both the third book and this fourth book.

I keep saying this book will be a turning point in the series, and someone asked how that would be. Well, this book marks the half-way point of the series. Also, this is the first time the Sons charged with figuring out the prophecy have left Vasilije's monastery. They've heard about the war with the Archons but only secondhand. Now they get to confront them. In addition, Ramiel is the most violent of the Sons, so that's sure to create conflict as they meet the other characters who will play a role in their quest.

I'm being intentionally mum on the heroine for Blood Prophecy, though. You'll have to wait a while to hear about her. I will say this: she's unlike any female character I've ever written.

As for book #3, Blood Spirit is in the middle of edits and I expect to have the first round back to me within a week. Then it's fine tuning and tweaking before the big day on September 17.  I'm very excited about the release of Blood Spirit. I enjoyed writing Terek's story so much, and I think readers will find him just as great as Vasilije and Saint.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everybody!


julie beasley said...

gabrielle you left me very intrigued now. these teasers kill me. nice we go to other countries. and the sons sound like they are all taking shape nicely. oh course im highly delighted about blood spirit as well. by the way very nice blog.

Dawn said...

Omgggg this is getting good :) soo excited for my boys!

Dawn said...

That picture rocks!!! Love it :) I want to lick his abs hahaha