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Friday, July 6, 2012

#Paranormalromance Friday #Swag and #Excerpt

Happy Friday!  It's been a busy week here between working on romance trading cards with Talina and getting Vampire Dreams Revamped ready for its release this weekend. I love working with Talina on swag! She always comes up with the most creative ideas.  We've been focusing on the first four Sons of Navarus romance trading cards and as with my other swag, she's really hit the ball out of the park on these designs. Check them out!

Book #1

Book #2

Book #3

Book #4

And coming soon are these fine Sons with their own cards (I'm still searching the stock photo sites for the last Son):


And to make this Paranormal Romance Friday even better, here's a little snippet from Vampire Dreams Revamped.  I've introduced a few new characters into the book, and this excerpt includes a female vampire named Delilah, one of Vasilije's favorites.  I wonder how she and Sasa would get along? Hmmm... Enjoy! And have a wonderful weekend!

"We started without you," Vasilije said with a grin as he caressed his tongue over the razor sharp tips of his fangs.
"That's quite all right. Did I miss anything?"
His sire arched one eyebrow and leveled a penetrating stare at him. "You'd miss everything if it weren't for me, Brandon. You'd stay in that dreary house of yours with those dreary servants and drink your port. You're a vampire, not some boring widower waiting to die."
"Why do you keep me around if you find me so boring? You have other favorites."
Vasilije looked over Brandon's shoulder and smiled broadly. "I do. Here's one now."
Turning, Brandon saw Delilah, another of his sire's favorites. Stunning, with long pale blond hair and a body that Brandon was sure must drive most men to complete distraction, Delilah was as vicious as Vasilije was decadent. And she hated him as much as he did her.
"Brandon? I see you're wearing your coat. Leaving so soon? Too bad."
© 2012 Gabrielle Bisset


Gayle Latreille said...

I have read numerous Historical Romance books by many authors and this one (Vampire Dreams 'Revamped') written by Gabrielle Bisset is absolutely amazing.

The story takes place in Victorian rather than Regency times and tells the story of Brandon & Arden. Arden is recently homeless and meets up with the luscious Brandon after being accosted in the streets by a stranger. If you love hot Vampires you will love this very well written story.

This book leads into her current series "Sons of Navarus" and is a 'must-read' by everyone. Gabrielle's take on her stories are very different from the same old stuff you see everywhere else.