Gabrielle Bisset

Saturday, May 19, 2012

#NewRelease :Blood Betrayed, Sons of Navarus 2

To celebrate the release of the second Sons of Navarus book, all week I'm going to be blogging about Blood Betrayed.  I'll be talking about the characters and other things that I love about the book. Officially, the release is on Thursday, May 24, but Amazon and Barnes and Noble gave me a surprise by having the book on sale already. Yay!

I was asked in an interview what makes this series different than other vampire romance series.  It's a great question since there are so many of them out there.  What makes the Sons of Navarus different is that while it's a romance series at its heart, there is a very strong non-romantic plot that will run through all the books until the war with the Archons is over.

That's right.  There's a definite end to this series. 

But for now, I'm thrilled to say that the second book of the Sons of Navarus series is here.  Check it out at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Have a great Monday!