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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Wrap-Up: Who Was Lucky, Paypal, and Some Spartacus

The Feelin' Lucky Giveaway Hop ended last night and I've got winners this fine Wednesday.  The winner of the $10 Amazon gift card and swag pack is KimDeeBell and the winner of the swag pack is Krista.  Congrats to both winners, and thanks to everyone who stopped by the blog and entered. I'm doing the one day St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop this Friday, so be sure to stop by. I'm giving away a great prize!

So it seems PayPal is backtracking on its draconian policy against erotica. Guess that "banks are making us do this" schtick didn't shake out when Visa came forward and said it was of no interest to them to stop the sale of erotica through PayPal.  This has served as a good lesson to anyone who thought our rights are inviolate.  They aren't. Freedom must be fought for every day and every time someone or some company wants to restrict it.

And since this is Wednesday, why not talk some Spartacus? I know. This is entirely non-sequitur, but any day is good to talk about Spartacus. The season is coming to a close soon, and I'm still wishing the writers wouldn't make this new guy constantly lecture.  I haven't watched the past season in a while, so maybe Andy Whitfield lectured a lot too, but I don't remember it being on my last nerve like it is now.  The show is fun, entertaining, wildly sexy, and then something happens and Spartacus has to lecture and then scan the crowd in front of him. Every time. Grrrrrr.....and they've made Crixus a flatter character than he was before. He's an angry Gaul and he loves Naevia. Period. 

But  I can't get enough of the Roman praetor.  Deliciously evil, Glaber is so much fun to watch.  I'm going to miss him when they get rid of him.  Yeah,  I know he's the villain, but I like villains more often anyway. C'mon. He has his goons slaughter Sepius' entire household and then right before he kills him, he tells him he'll be sleeping with the guy's sister (who Sepius has been enjoying some fine Roman incest with) after he's gone. This is after he crushes his father-in-law's head with a wooden beam because he intended on undoing his marriage.  And to punish the wife who thought of leaving him, he crucifies her slave in front of her. This guy makes this show, even if you do love the good guys.

The Proudly Paranormal Blog Hop stops over at Rosalie Skinner's place today, so hop on by and show her some love.

Time to go into my Wednesday, so here's some Fabulous Thunderbirds with Tuff Enough. (I probably should put Wrap It Up here, but I like this song more.)  Happy Wednesday!


Becky Black said...

I don't think Andy Whitfield's Spartacus lectured in series 1. In fact there were some episodes he barely said a word! I suppose that's the difference between being the pre-rebellion guy building up a good simmering rage, and being a rebel leader who has to keep the guys from deciding "bugger this for a game of soldiers, I'm off home." (Or something less British anyway.)

We don't have Vengeance over her in the UK yet. I'll be getting it on DVD as soon as it's out. Love it.

Tina B said...

Congrats to the winners! I really LOVE the show! But I do have to agree with you. I miss Andy! Poor guy. I will, however, continue to watch it. And what is up with Asher? I always knew he was crazy, but now? He is very treacherous. I do love watching the men though. Thank you for sharing!

Gabrielle said...

Thanks for stopping by, Becky and Tina! I think you're right, Becky. Maybe it is having to lead the group that's making Spartacus a bit of a drag. And Tina, Asher is quickly becoming too much fun to watch too. He's downright diabolical. I can't wait to see what happens, but something tells me his penchant for collecting things from dead people (such as Sepius' bracelet) is going to come back to haunt Glaber. Can't wait to see it tonight!