Gabrielle Bisset

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Inspiration Via Pinterest

I joined Pinterest the other day, and damn it's fun!  I pinned a bunch of my own pics there, but what's really great are the images I'm finding that are so incredibly inspirational as I write.

For me, scenes are pictures before they're words.  Visuals are integral to how I present the story.  I may not describe the scene to within an inch of its life, but images always inspire me as I write.  As I searched through Pinterest, I found some fantastic images that are so much what I had in mind when I wrote my stories, and some that are inspiring me as I finish Blood Betrayed and begin Blood Spirit. 

Here are a few of them from Blood Avenged, Blood Betrayed, Stolen Destiny, and Destiny Redeemed. Enjoy!

This is so much like the area I saw when I was in New Orleans and which inspired the scene in which Vasilije and Sasa go to see the vampire LeClerc in the Quarter.  

This is very similar to the French country house Saint and Solenne are at in Blood Betrayed:

And this is Avignon, where the Archon's offices are in Blood Betrayed:

And for anyone who's read Stolen Destiny, here is a picture of almost exactly what I had in mind for the village near Amon's villa where Varek first sees Callia.

And this is very much like what I had in my mind's eye as Amon's villa:

This is so beautiful! As soon as I saw it, I was struck by how much it looked like what I'd imagined Amon, Thea, and Gethen traveled through to get to the home of the Sidhe in Destiny Redeemed:

And here's an image that's inspiring me as I begin work on Blood Spirit, the third Sons of Navarus novel due out in the fall. Just gorgeous!



Savannah Chase said...

I have found such fantastic pictures on the site...I love that you can like them and it saves the likes..

Gabrielle said...

Me too, Savannah! There are so many great images there. Love it! Thanks for stopping by :)

Taryn Elliott said...

I'm completely addicted to Pinterest. It's the ultimate playground for visual peeps.
Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous.

Gabrielle said...

Ultimate visual playground is the perfect description of it. I love it! I can spend hours on Pinterest. :)

Talina Perkins said...

Such beautiful pictures, Gabrielle! I agree with how things are more and image than words at first. And one thing I find so interesting is how one image can bring to mind one idea or scene for one writer and a completely different scene for another.

Thank you for sharing! Looks like I am heading over to Pinterest to sign up!