Gabrielle Bisset

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday's Book News

Yesterday I returned to my day job after a month off.  Who knew talking for three hours could be so exhausting? LOL  To be honest, my schedule this semester is only three hours every MWF afternoon, so I'm not exactly slaving here. 

Today I'm over at Fangtastic Books talking about why even though there are some really great paranormal characters around, vampires aren't going to be leaving us any time soon.  And Readaholics Anonymous has given Blood Avenged a fantastic review.  Head on over there to check out all the wonderful things Dana said about it. 

On the writing front, I've been so busy with getting ready for the new semester that I haven't done much in the past few days, but that should change this week.  I'm currently in Chapter 5 of Blood Betrayed, and the scheduled release date is still soft but planned for late spring (May/early June). 

My wonderful cover artist has been working on the covers for Blood Betrayed and the next book in the series, Blood Spirit.  They should be ready to reveal to the world in the coming weeks.  And I've begun the formatting of the print version of Blood Avenged.  That is scheduled for release by April. 

These Sons sure do know how to keep a girl busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Hope you're all having a great one today too!