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Friday, March 29, 2013

Bump In The Night H0p #PNR

Welcome to the Bump In The Night Hop hosted by five paranormal romance authors, including myself, Carrie Ann Ryan, Ranae Rose, Lia Davis, and Marie Harte. We're the only stops on the hop, so be sure to visit each of us for a chance to win great prizes. Each author is giving away a prize, and one winner will be chosen to win all 5 prizes!

When I first began writing paranormal romance, I knew from the moment my first vampire jumped into my imagination that I loved writing in this genre. Now it's seven books later, and I love it more than ever! And with my newest book, Blood Prophecy (Sons of Navarus #4), coming this May 14, I add even more paranormal characters: werewolves, dragon shifters, witches, and daemons from the God of the Underworld himself, Hades.

It's no wonder I think I have the best job in the world. ;)

And when one of these paranormal characters gets sexy and romantic, wow! Then the heat gets turned up. My books are full of hot romance, and for me, there's nothing sexier than vampires. My 8 vampire warriors are the stars of my erotic romance series, the Sons of Navarus, and do those males know how to do it right!

Here's a snippet from the first Sons of Navarus book, Blood Avenged:

Vasilije didn’t bother to turn the lights on once inside. In truth, as a vampire, he saw as well in the dark as humans did in the light. Even more, there was no point in acting like they were going to sit on the couch and talk or watch television.
He knew what she wanted and he wanted it too.
Closing the door behind him, he reached out to her and pulled her to him, enjoying the feel of her body pressed to his. She was so warm. So willing.
Her hands slid over his stomach and chest as she arched up to kiss him. Bending down, his lips grazed hers for a moment before he pulled her closer, wanting what she offered.
Warm and wet, her mouth eagerly pressed against his and her tongue met his, teasing him with the tip. His fangs had slid into his mouth at the first touch of her hands on his body, and each playful flick of her tongue came so close, just missing them. To feel her tongue against his fangs would be heaven.
His hand tightened its grip in her hair and tugged, making her moan into his mouth. God, he wanted to hear that sound again. The sound of a woman needy for everything he could give her.
Sasa slid her hands over his shoulders and pulled him to her, pressing her breasts against his body as she devoured his mouth. Her tightened nipples rubbed against him, exciting him. Instinctively, he slid his hand under her thin t-shirt and plucked at one hardened pearl through her lacy bra, squeezing it gently between his thumb and forefinger as he cupped the fullness surrounding it.
Again, she moaned, making that sound that hit him directly between his legs. Already rock hard, his cock strained against the front of his pants. Whatever his mind may have thought about sleeping with her, his body had different plans.
And then her tongue flicked over the tip of one fang and sensations raced from his balls, up his cock, and through his body.
“Fuck,” he groaned as she seductively slid her tongue over his fang again. She had to know what she was doing to him. She had been a vampire’s girlfriend.
The idea that he was about to fuck the girlfriend of his dead vampire momentarily made Vasilije pull back from her, but the touch of her hands on his stomach made him forget every guilty feeling he had. Looking down, he watched her fumble with the shirt buttons.
At the sound of her name, she looked up and even in the darkness he saw the look of desire on her face. In one swift movement, he pinned her hands above her head. Pushing her up against the wall, he leaned into her and pressed his thigh between her legs, feeling the heat coming from her. Slowly, a low growl slid from his throat.
Sasa pushed against his hands, but he wouldn’t release her. Grinding against his thigh, she arched her body toward his.
His free hand lifted her shirt over her head and in seconds she stood before him in only her bra. A quick flick with his fingers and it was sailing to the floor to join her shirt.
Vasilije cupped one supple breast in his hand and tenderly stroked her silky soft flesh with his fingertips. Eager to feel her on his tongue, he bent his head and captured a nipple, quickly sucking it to an excited peak. A moan drew his attention from her tightened pink nipple, and he looked up to see Sasa’s face. Brown eyes clouded over with need stared into his.
“Please let me touch you. I want to feel you.”
Silently, he released her hands and returned to what his mouth craved. She felt so good in his mouth. Each pull made her grind her pussy against his thigh. Her hands raked through his hair, stroking and tugging as he sensually nibbled on her.
Vasilije couldn’t remember when he’d been with a woman who was so responsive. Every spot his mouth and hands visited aroused her, and she seemed to worship his body as she moved her hands from his hair to caress his neck and shoulders through his shirt.
Softly, he grazed her nipple with his fangs and from above he heard her cry out. He stood up and smiled with satisfaction, his sharp fangs aching to sink into her. He was surprised to find not fear in her face but desire—pure desire. Her cry hadn’t been of pain but pleasure.
Was she just drunk or did she realize what he planned to do?
As he studied her in the darkness, she pulled him to her and kissed him with a need that sent a jolt to his cock. His hands made their way to her jeans, and he made quick work of the button and zipper. Only cotton panties stood between him and his goal.
Vasilije slid two fingers under those panties and down through her bare slickness. Sasa wriggled against his hand as her mouth fed on his, her tongue darting in and around the inside passionately.
Bending down to pull her pants off, he whispered in her ear, “Careful, love. Teagan may have been able to control himself when you toyed with his fangs, but I won’t.”
Sasa stood in front of him naked and looking up at him as she licked her lips. Lifting herself onto her toes, she whispered next to his mouth, “You mean like this?” and then slowly ran her tongue over the point of his left fang.
His head thrown back, one thought controlled him now.

Find out more about the Sons of Navarus at my site , including free desktop wallpapers and romance trading cards!

Now for the giveaway. Leave a comment below with your email address for a chance to win a signed copy of one of my Sons of Navarus series books: Blood Avenged, Blood Betrayed, Blood Spirit, or even the upcoming Blood Prophecy (which will be released in print in early May 2013), Sons of Navarus swag, and a handmade Sons bookthong featuring one of the four Sons of Navarus books.

And here's what the other authors are giving away:
Carrie Ann Ryan: an eArc of Her Warriors' Three Wishes, a swag pack, and a $15 Starbucks card.
Lia Davis: an eCopy of Winter Eve, $10 Amazon or B&N GC (winner's choice) and a swag pack.
Marie Harte: $15 Amazon e-gift certificate as well as any 2 of her backlist in ebook format, your choice
Ranae Rose: A signed paperback (winner's choice of Sleepy Hollow: Haunted Passions and Whiskey Dreams or Half Moon Shifters Volume 1) + a $10 Starbucks gift card.

The giveaway is US only this time (apologies to international readers). After you comment, be sure to hop around to the other four wonderful authors who have joined me in the Bump In The Night Hop, and good luck!

Carrie Ann Ryan
Lia Davis
Marie Harte
Ranae Rose


Anonymous said...

Wow! Steamy.
Thanks for being part of the hop. :)

strawberryrose said...

I love steamy paranormal books! I'm hoping for great luck as It is my Birthday on the 29th and I well be 48. I have put your books at the top of the books I wanted to try. This will be my first and it sounds right up my ally. Wish my luck and Thank You for the great prize I may have a chance to win.

Judy Peterson

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I freakin love this series and absolutely can't wait for the release of Blood Prophecy. My fav saying "I am everything you Desire I am Vampire" UGH

Anne said...

I've been into vampires since I watched b/w vampire movies on tv when I was 7. Must say, I view vampires entirely differently now. Instead of hiding under the covers with a roasry in my hand, I'd more likely to pat the bed andsay, "Come here, Fang."

Kimberly Brooks said...

I love the series and can not wait for May....Can it be May already, please please...

lagina reese said...

What a great way to start the weekend with such a good giveaway.

Kathie Noblit said...
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Kathie Noblit said...

Just starting this series, and loving them! I think I have just enough time to be ready for Blood Prophecy on it's release day! Hot, HOT, HOTT!!

Angela Love said...

I just started reading paranormal books so I thank you for the chance to win anything paranormal reads I have your series on my list of must reads!!!!

Margie subia said...

This is such a great blog hop, i love your books and looking so forward to blood prophecy may is taking forever lol . Margie at

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What a great blog hop with awesome authors! I have the first book, but need to get the second. A bit of catching up to do.
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Wow...*fanning self*
Thanks for the excerpt and the contest. The Guys are so awesome.
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You had me hooked when you said you love writing this genre and nothing is more sexier than vampires.
I am totally with you on that :).
I follow you via email.
Thank you for being part of the blog hop,it would have been nice if your giveaway was international too :)
Sydney W

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Love vampire stories

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I love the sexy paranormal genre too. Thanks for sharing the excerpt with us

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I so love steamy paranormal romances! I especially love sexy covers that grab my attention!

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That was a smexy excerpt! :)Looking forward to reading more from you, Gabrielle!


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What I love about blog hops is finding new-to-me authors!


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Wow that is steamy.... Thanks for that excerpt... buying it right now lol... I thought i had it and hadn't read it yet but nope...So thank you for being part of this hop.

crystalg123 said...

Love this series! I am so excited for May's release of Blood Prophecy! Hope you have continued success in all your works, thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Crystal Guidroz

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Thank you for the chance at the give away. Love the SONS series. Can not wait for the next story.


Nay Nay said...

I really like the SONS and have the first 2 in the series, so a chance to win the rest is very exciting. Thanks for doing this hop and for the chance to win some great prizes.
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Lori Cameron said...

Sorry I am late just got home from work. I love all the Sons and am sitting patiently for Blood Prophecy. Keep up the great work Gabrielle.

Carol L. said...

I have this series on my must read list. I'm thrilled beyond belief it's for a print book because I can't read e-books on this computer. Thanks so much for this giveaway opportunitiy. Happy Easter.
Carol L

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Wow, sounds like a fantasic series! I am adding them to my MUST read list!

Thanks for the chance at some super awesome prizes! I always wanted a Book Thong....Does that sound wrong?

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O_O that was naughty! ;) sstogner1 at gmail dot com

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that was an awesome excerpt! Another series that I need to read!


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Wow! That was Hot! Makes me want to read the book! Thanks for the giveaways! Heard about you from Twitter! Luvbear65 at Aol dot com =)

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Thanks for this new hop! I have many books from the authors on this hop! I'm reading Lia's now! Happy Easter!

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Thanks for the excerpt! Looking forward to reading the whole novel and series. I love discovering new authors through the blog hops.


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Great excerpt; can't wait to read the book.
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Sounds like a great book can't wait to read - alds830 at yahoo dot com

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Wow what a great excerpt. I'm adding this to my TBR pile.
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Is it bad I want to lick that cover? Thanks for being part of this hop and a chance at your prize.

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Tawania said...

Ooh... Great excerpt! I love this series, and I can't wait to read Blood Prophecy.
Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

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Can't participate in yours as international but figured would follow the hop anyway :)

Candy Cane said...

super excited about this blog hop all favorite author’s can’t wait to see what I can win lol love the thought of new free books, yeah

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I really need to start this series, I've wanted to read for a while now. I love sexy, alpha vampires.

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I have the first book of this series, but have yet to read it! I really need to!!

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Allyson said...

Somehow, I missed you and your books, so you are a new author to me!! This series sounds excellent and was a great excerpt, I definitely want to read more! I followed you and your blog! Happy Easter!

celina k said...

No wonder there is an adult content warning on this blog! ;) Loved it, thank you!

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love the series and looking forward to 'Blood Prophecy'

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Such a yummy excerpt!

Thanks for providing the opportunity to win some amazing books!

cheryl kay
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Susan W. said...

I really love your vampires and eager for Blood Prophecy to come out!

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I love vampires! Thanks for the post, Blood Avenged sounds like a good read and sexy cover! Thanks for the chance to win.
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Love your books thank you for this chance to win.Happy Easter hope you have an awesome week.

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Awesome excerpt! Thanks for sharing, will be adding it to my wishlist :)


kazza16 said...

The Sons of Navarus continues to be one of my favourite Vampire series. I sincerely hope that you will keep providing your readers with these incredible stories.