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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Author Brian Collier Guest Post

Please join me in welcoming author Brian Collier today to the blog. Take it away, Brian!

Hello everyone :)  First off, I’d like to thank Gabrielle for having me today.  It’s an honor to be here.  Now, let’s see, how should I entertain you?  I know!  Let’s talk about something that’s on the minds of most novice writers, namely where to find ideas for stories. 

You know how it is, you have this burning desire to write but you haven’t a clue what to write about and it’s driving you nuts.  If you feel like that, don’t despair; just open your mind to possibilities.  In fact, I challenge you to do that.  Remember how you always played the “why” game as a kid, doing it innocently at first and then on purpose once you realized it drove your parents mad?  Well, this is the “what if” game only this time you’re driving yourself mad….mad with ideas!  The next time you’re at the mall, find a quiet place to sit and watch the crowd then start saying “what if” to yourself.  What if the carpeted hallway was really a stream and everyone was walking on water?  What kind of world would that be like?  Or look at that child over there.  What would happen if she suddenly developed the power of teleportation or telekinesis?  Imagine the chaos!   If fantasy isn’t your thing, then imagine the possibilities in a more logical way.  That man walking with the cane?  Maybe it’s a sword cane and he’s a famous European sword master injured in an overthrow.  Imagine what his story would be and write it!  That quiet woman on the bus or subway?  Perhaps she’s a timid engineer who has developed some new technology that will change the world but she’s afraid to tell anyone because every time she tries to talk, fear grips her so hard she can’t.  How does she overcome this problem?  What about that friendly store clerk you met earlier?  Maybe they are a closet serial murderer looking for their next victim.  Ok, ok, I think you get the point now so I’ll stop here.  Just remember, the next time you get stuck and can’t find the perfect idea, call up your inner child and play the “what if” game.  That’s what I did when I created my erotic romance story “An Enchanting Surprise”.  I had decided to submit a story to a book anthology with a “Boys of Summer” theme but couldn’t come up with an idea.  An ad for the Olympics came on the TV and I started playing the “what if” game, bouncing ideas around in my head.  Pretty soon I began to wonder what a heated romance between a foreign athlete and a shy woman would be like and before you knew it, I was tapping away at the keyboard. 

“An Enchanting Surprise” was originally published as part of Pink Petal Books erotic romance anthology “The Boys of Summer” and was recently released in novella form in October.  Here’s a little teaser for you and a longer excerpt: 


Skie Wilson is a simple girl with simple tastes. Give her the job at the Cambridge Inn, her outrageous best friend, some puzzles, and a beer, and she's good to go. Of course, the one thing missing from that mix is passion and heat—the kind that makes her heart race, her toes curl, and her body tingle.

Jaded by a cheating fiancĂ©, Skie has avoided commitment ever since. No man has caught her eye enough to make her change her mind, at least not until the Spanish Olympic team arrives for a summer of training before the event. The scorching hot athletes offer quite the temptation, with their sweat-glistened muscles and taut bodies, but one sinfully sexy triathlete captures Skie’s attention the most. Will she hide behind the safety of the inn’s “no fraternization” rule, or will she let her hair down and have a little fun?  You’ll have to read the story to find out ;)


Time crawled by, the hours ticking off, but Skie got nothing else done that day. Oh, she worked of course, puttering about here and there, but her mind was only on Rafe. It was all she could think about – his body, his touch, their kiss – and she moved like a mindless robot through each task.
When she glanced at her watch and saw that it was almost five o’clock, her heart skipped a beat. Dropping her clippers where she stood, she sucked in a breath and tried to calm nerves. It was time and she knew it.
Skie was halfway to the back of the pool house when she suddenly realized how dirty she looked. It was too late to do anything about it now. Hopefully, Rafe would appreciate a woman that worked hard in all the things that she did.
Weaving her way around the inn, she approached their designated spot, making sure no one was around. Aside from a few guests, the place looked pretty empty.
Smiling, she arrived but immediately saw she was alone, a sense of sorrow invading her. Closing her eyes against the sting of pain that stabbed at her heart, Skie grimaced, knowing she’d let her emotions betray her again. As embarrassment caused her shoulders to slump, a single tear filled one of her eyes.
She was about to turn around and head inside when she felt something clamp down on her shoulders and push her toward the wall.
Gasping, Skie braced against the concrete surface, sucking in a breath when she felt a hard body touch hers. The minute he spoke though, her limbs went weak and she almost moaned.
“Mmmm, I wasn’t sure if you were going to come.” Rafe slipped an arm around her waist and drew her back against him. With her rear nestled against his crotch, Skie bit her lower lip to keep a whimper from slipping out.
“Not come?” she murmured in return. “God, it’s all I’ve thought about all afternoon, Rafe. I was upset when I didn’t see you here.”
“I’m here now, Skie,” he whispered against her skin, his mouth hovering near her neck, “and you’re all I’ve thought of today too.” The minute the words were out, he placed his lips against her skin and gently kissed it. She shuddered at the feeling and pressed her hips backward, a moan coming out when a second kiss landed higher.
“Rafe…I….” she lost the words to a whimper as his lips slid to her earlobe next, tongue darting out to tease it.
“Don’t say anything” he murmured in response. “Just let me…please you.”

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Great Blog! Those were great tips on writers block. I always think back at how creative I use to de when I was young, I think that we lose touch with that as we get older if we don't tap into it like you said. Brian the blurb sounds fantastic...I will definately have to check it out :)