Gabrielle Bisset

Friday, December 21, 2012

Check Out The December Newsletter!

If you're reading this, then the Mayans were wrong and we're all still here. I guess it's a brand new world now. That's cool. Since it's a new world, what better way to start it off than reading my newsletter?  


Well, after you get back from doing all those things you want to do with your new life, stop back and check out my newsletter. It has a bunch of interesting things in it, from free wallpapers of incredibly sexy men  to say thanks to readers for their incredible support this year (your computer will love you) to info on a Sons series box set available only for the holidays. Check it out!

Have a great one! Now go out and enjoy the new world!


Shah Wharton said...

Nice NL Gabrielle - and my goodness, yo have done so much writing over the past couple of years! Hope all goes well for 2013! X