Gabrielle Bisset

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paranormal Romance

There are many types of romance, but paranormal has become very popular recently.  I know I love a good vampire story, but I've also been enjoying stories about angels too. And a good shapeshifter is always welcome. 

I chose to create a new race of beings because I had an idea but didn't see how it fit with any established being.  However, this has made some people think my stories, Stolen Destiny and the two others I'm writing-Broken Destiny and Destiny Renewed-are fantasy or science fiction.  They definitely are not! 

Paranormal romance is focused on the romance and has elements of the fantastic included.  Fantasy is focused on what could happen in this world or any other world, while science fiction is focused on what can happen based on the available science and its applications.

There is no science in my books, but there is a lot of romance.  There are elements of the fantastic in some of my characters, particularly since one possesses the power to manipulate time and others have the powers of telepathy and teleportation.  But those powers are never the focus of the story.  They are simply part of the characterization.  In addition, my characters live numerous lives through reincarnation.  This allows me to create a history for each character that is limited only by where I want to take them.  So one lived a life in the Roman Empire and 18th century England, while another lived in 19th century revolutionary Mexico. While these experiences are shown only through their memories, it allows me to create layered heroes and heroines (along with villains!) who are so very interesting.

What's at the heart of my stories is the relationship between two people, who while they aren't human, are very similar to human beings.  They live their lives, searching for happiness, and dealing with the issues that all people deal with. Well, not just like the rest of us since this is romantic fiction. ;)

I find for now the paranormal sub genre of romance is where I like to write.  I enjoy being able to place my characters in situations that allow the use of the supernatural because while they are extraordinary, they are still very easy for readers to relate to.