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Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Fun

Another week has gone by already and it's time for some fun.  Today I'm at C.R. Moss's blog with an interview, and Mad Moose Mama has a promo up for Destiny Redeemed's book tour.  Check them out for some interesting stuff!  And Ing over at As The Pages Turn has a wonderful review up for Masquerade and is hosting a giveaway, so check that out too! 

Finally, it's time for another Weekend Dirty Dozen. This dozen comes from the first chapter of Destiny Redeemed.  Amon is in Nil, as he's been for the past year, and this is where the reader first meets him. Enjoy!

       Tiny trails of moisture trickled down the wall to the grey cement floor. The prisoner in cell 801 felt one touch his shoulder as it was stopped on its journey, and he shivered at the feel of it as it touched his tender skin. The dampness of his cell, the chill, reflected what the place had done to him. Underground, in the bowels of the Earth, he did little more than exist in this place, like a creature unwelcome in the light of the sun and home only in the cold darkness of Nil. Beneath him, the cold floor made the painful areas on his legs ache, and a dull throbbing throughout his body reminded him of the countless punishments in his time there.
The nighttime noises of Nil stabbed at him, and as they had every night for the past year, they become the terrifying soundtrack to the worst part of Amon’s time in Nil. The screams of the weak reverberated through his body, a reminder of the horrors he’d endured on so many nights there.  Not that he needed to be reminded. The pain that ran over every square inch of his skin, tactile terrors chasing after one another in a constant game of sadistic tag, never let him forget what he’d suffered through and what lie ahead in his future.  
His mind drifted back to the night just after he’d arrived when the guards not only looked the other way to allow the other inmates to perform their initiation ritual on him but also told them who he’d been before being sent to Nil, as if they’d needed any encouragement for their bloodlust. Nothing in forty-seven lifetimes had been as terrifying as the hungry look in the eyes of the men who pushed him down face first on the cold, damp concrete floor while the one with the knife loomed over him. He hadn’t seen his eyes, but he’d heard his hollow laugh right before the sound of the vicious click of the blade coming out of its home made him stiffen in sheer terror.

For another excerpt and where to buy Destiny Redeemed, click HERE

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diannehartsock said...

Amon! Terrifying and lonely and horrible. What did he do to get there? Hope he escapes soon! Beautiful writing, as always. :)

Here's my DD:

Lucy Felthouse said...

Great dozen, Gabrielle! Yet another one for my TBR list :)